Diplomacy at the WTO: The General Council

I am currently extending and analysing my dataset on diplomatic interactions in the World Trade Organization (WTO). This post takes a brief look at the General Council, the highest decision-making body of the WTO. Just as 22 other WTO bodies, all minutes of the General Council are included in my dataset. An earlier post mapped…

Unpacking the Terms of Trade: Book Review Published

The World Trade Review just published my review of “The Language of World Trade Politics: Unpacking the Terms of Trade” edited by Klaus Dingwerth and Clara Weinhardt. It is a well written book that sheds light on an area of trade policy-making that is usually ignored. I posted the first page below, you can find…

Drawing Multilateralism: Everyday Diplomacy in the World Trade Organization

The essence of diplomacy is communicating and promoting national interests on the world stage. But how is this accomplished in practice? Who talks to whom? How regularly? And with what effect? The diplomatic exchanges in the World Trade Organization (WTO) have kept trade flowing and growing since the organisation’s creation in 1995. The WTO’s multilateral…

Trade and Investment Law Reading Group

I am currently co-organising a reading group at King’s College London that bridges international political economy and international trade and investment law.

No signs of sweeping WTO reform

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is in urgent need of reform. But recent proposals for institutional changes are limited in scope and primarily serve the interests of advanced economies. Developing countries should seize this opportunity to promote their own ideas on the future of the trade system.