Fabian’s Publications

Bohnenberger, F. / Joerges, C. (2017, forthcoming): Mega-regionale Handelsabkommen und Transnationales Regieren (working title), in: Leviathan – Berliner Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaft

von Soest, C. / Bohnenberger, F. (2017, forthcoming): Only serving their own interests? Why authoritarian regimes commit to legally binding forms of integration and regional sanctions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bohnenberger, F. / Joerges, C. (2017, forthcoming): A Conflicts-law Response to the Precarious Legitimacy of Transnational Trade Governance, in: Hirsch, M. / Lang, A. (eds.): Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law, Edward Elgar (draft version available via SSRN)

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt C. (2017, forthcoming): Malestar en el libre comercio. Un nuevo rol para la OMC, in: Nueva Sociedad, October 2017

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt C. (2017): Why Trump’s anti-globalism is wrong. Inclusive and fair trade, not protectionism, will close the gap between rich and poor, in: International Politics and Society (26.09.2017)

Weinhardt, C. / Bohnenberger, F. (2017): Fair handeln, in: Magazin enkelfähig (Ausgabe 1/2017 zum Thema ‘Grenzen’)

Bohnenberger, F. (2017): The Proliferation of Cyber Surveillance Technologies: Challenges and Prospects for Strengthened Export Controls, in: Strategic Trade Review (Spring 2017, Issue 04)

Bohnenberger, F. / Joerges, C. (2016): International Trade after the US Election; Hertie School Research Blog (11. November 2016)

Bohnenberger, F. / Joerges, C. (2016): From Trade Liberalisation to Transnational Governance and TTIP: How Dani Rodrik, Karl Polanyi and the Varieties of Capitalism Studies May Help Us to Understand the Present State of Globalisation, in: TLI Think! A Dickson Poon Transnational Law Institute, King’s College London Research Paper Series

von Soest, C. / Bohnenberger, F. (2016): External Intervention to Strengthen Democracy in Africa (GIGA Focus), Berlin: German Institute of Global and Area Studies: English | German

Bohnenberger, F. (2016): Mega-regional agreements and global trade governance: Ensuring openness and inclusiveness in an increasingly complex system; International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD): English | French | Spanish | Russian | Portuguese

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt, C. (2015 / 2016): TTIP vs. WTO: Who sets global standards?; Berlin/Brussels, Euractiv: English (updated version) | German

Weinhardt, C. / Bohnenberger, F. (2015): Risks of TTIP and TPP, in: Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (E+Z) 2015/08, pp. 34–39, English | German

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt, C. (2015): TTIP: How to Minimize Risks For Third Countries?, Berlin, Atlantic Community: English | German

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt, C. (2014): TTIP: Wie lassen sich andere Staaten einbeziehen?, Berlin, Heinrich Böll Stiftung: German

Bohnenberger, F. (2014): TTIP: Reward Worth the Risk?, Berlin, Atlantic Community: English

Bohnenberger, F. (2014): Europa (ver)handelt: warum ein Handelsabkommen den Wahlkampf beherrscht, Cologne, Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne: German

Bohnenberger, F. / Weinhardt, C. (2014): EU-Africa: Trading poverty away?, Le Monde diplomatique: English | European Centre for Development Policy Management: English

Bohnenberger, F. (2014): Pan-europäischer Bürgerdialog in Brüssel: Debatte über die Zukunft Europas, Bonn: Europäische Kommission: German

Brandi, C. / Bohnenberger, F. (2014): The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Geo-economics at work?, Bonn: German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE): English

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Bohnenberger, F. (2013): Modell Handelsmacht, Bonn, Center for Global Studies (CGS), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn: German