Who Supports Continental Integration? Treaty Commitment in the African Union (I)

This posts summarises preliminary results of my analysis of treaty commitments in the African Union. The assessment is part of a research project for the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) that explores the behaviour of authoritarian countries in the African continental integration project.


“Rigging is better than Coups”: Why Authoritarian Regimes in Africa Commit to Continental Democracy Provisions

In a new draft paper prepared for the 59th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) in San Francisco, we examine why authoritarian regimes in Africa formally support and ratify continental provisions aimed at democracy-promotion. Here's the abstract.

External Intervention to Strengthen Democracy in Africa

Although more competitive forms of authoritarianism and electoral democracy are today prevalent in most African countries, democratisation has slowed and in some places reversed. This coincides with an ever-growing rift between African citizens who are demanding further democratic rights and rulers who want to preserve their prerogatives. Western actors need to support those who hold... Continue Reading →

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