New Article on the Future of Global Trade

The current issue of Nueva Sociedad contains our new article titled "Malestar en el libre comercio: Un nuevo rol para la OMC", which was jointly written with Clara Weinhardt. A shorter and more pointed version of our argument in English is available in International Politics and Society. Find the full text of the Spanish version... Continue Reading →


Inclusive and fair trade, not protectionism, will restore trust in global trade

In our most recent comment in International Politics and Society, Clara Weinhardt and I argue that institutional reform at the WTO level and fair distributional policies on the domestic level are crucial to reduce income inequality and restore trust in global trade. Read the full article below. A longer version of our argument will soon be published... Continue Reading →

Fair handeln

  In vielen afrikanischen Ländern herrscht Armut, ihre Einwohner sehnen sich nach einem besseren Leben – und flüchten. Schaffen neue Handelsabkommen Abhilfe? Gastbeitrag für das Magazin enkelfähig zusammen mit Clara Weinhardt Seit 15 Jahren verhandelt die Europäische Union mit Ländern in Afrika, der Karibik und dem Pazifik über Wirtschaftspartnerschaftsabkommen (EPAs). Viele afrikanische Handelspartner befürchten jedoch Nachteile... Continue Reading →

An Example of the Successful Use of Export Taxes and Its Value for North-South Trade Negotiations

A recurring problem in the discussion on North-South trade relations is identifying good examples that show how controversial – trade-distorting – policy instruments are successfully used to promote economic development. The search is not a purely academic exercise as the case studies can be used to legitimise and defend policy tools in trade negotiations aimed at outlawing or restricting their domestic... Continue Reading →

The UK-EU Trade Relationship: Part II

Looking again at UK trade data, I discuss what tariff costs UK exporters would face in the unlikely scenario that no Brexit deal (or interim trade agreement) can be reached and commercial relations would have to continue on a 'most favoured nation' (MFN) basis. The analysis is based on product groups established in the Harmonized System (HS)... Continue Reading →

Visualizing Trade Agreements: An Interactive R Shiny App

I recently created an interactive tool for visualizing existing trade agreements based on the Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA) Database. The dataset includes customs unions, free trade agreements or partial free trade agreements of various types that have been signed between 1945 and mid-2016. My 'app' PTA Links creates a network of lines representing these treaties between up... Continue Reading →

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