New Article on the Precarious Legitimacy of Transnational Trade Governance

Prof. Christian Joerges of the Hertie School of Governance and I recently finished our work on a book chapter that examines the impact of modern trade agreements on democratic policy-making and the ways in which their effects on national governance can be legitimised. The new paper (SSRN download link) is based on a previous version with... Continue Reading →


A Conflicts-Law Response to the Precarious Legitimacy of Transnational Trade Governance

I am currently working on the revision of a research article on the tensions between new deep and comprehensive trade agreements – read as: CETA, TTIP – and democratic politics. It includes some important findings of a joint research project with Professor Christian Joerges of the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. We already made the first... Continue Reading →

International trade after the US election

The result of the US presidential election in mind, Prof. Dr. Christian Joerges and I take a look at the future of US trade policy and its consequences for the European Union and the global trade regime. This article was originally posted on the Hertie School research blog and the UCL Brexit Blog. Donald Trump’s astonishing election victory Tuesday... Continue Reading →

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