No signs of sweeping WTO reform

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is in urgent need of reform. But recent proposals for institutional changes are limited in scope and primarily serve the interests of advanced economies. Developing countries should seize this opportunity to promote their own ideas on the future of the trade system.


Chapter in new Research Handbook

Our chapter on the legitimacy impasses of transnational trade governance was finally published in the Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law.

Grundlegende WTO Reform nicht in Sicht

Die Welthandelsorganisation (WTO) muss dringend reformiert werden. Die vorliegenden Reformvorschläge dienen jedoch vor allem den Interessen der Industrieländer. Die Entwicklungsländer sollten gemeinsam eigene Vorschläge in die Debatte einbringen.

A very short outline for my PhD

Fabian’s PhD thesis examines how the debates between trade experts in Committees of the World Trade Organization (WTO) shape the interpretation of multilateral trade agreements and, therefore, Member States’ national regulatory autonomy. The project investigates empirically and theoretically how the discursive interactions between committee members can lead to the creation (and contestation) of shared ideas... Continue Reading →

New Article on the Future of Global Trade

The current issue of Nueva Sociedad contains our new article titled "Malestar en el libre comercio: Un nuevo rol para la OMC", which was jointly written with Clara Weinhardt. A shorter and more pointed version of our argument in English is available in International Politics and Society. Find the full text of the Spanish version... Continue Reading →

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